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The Right-Wing Conspiracy Machine And Perpetual Pizzagate

The Right-Wing Conspiracy Machine And Perpetual Pizzagate

In this Majority Report clip, reality is melting.

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“So the right has lost its collective mind. But it has been heading this way for a long time. Back in 1954, after the Senate (including half of his fellow Republicans) censured Joe McCarthy, the pathogens of his conspiracy madness remained, and a generation ago began seriously propagating and infecting the mainstream, weakening its immunities to a demagogue like Donald Trump. Looking back at that Republican history, it’s clear that the party’s reality-based Establishment was in charge from the 1960s through the ’80s, exploiting but marginalizing its useful idiots. It wasn’t until the age of right-wing talk radio and Fox News and Breitbart that the Establishment lost control, as crackpot habits of mind achieved dominance. Indeed, more and more of the reckless, hysterical conspiracist language of Trump’s frenzied defenders in the mainstream resembles that of the lunatic, fringe right from a half-century ago.”*

Read more here: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/02/right-wing-conspiracy-theories-from-the-1960s-to-today.html

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