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The Great Awakening Will be HUGE If You Can REPROGRAM Your SUBCONSCIOUS Mind…… (Just Do This!)

The Great Awakening Will be HUGE If You Can REPROGRAM Your SUBCONSCIOUS Mind…… (Just Do This!)

2020 Agenda Will be HUGE If You Can Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind…
The Great Awakening Will be HUGE If You Can Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind…
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And we’re told what to believe. We’re told what to do with our lives. We’re told to do all of these things and basically give up our own freedoms. Now, if you ask yourself a simple question, is this my belief? Or there’s what you’ll find is it’s the key to all the freedom you ever want in life. There’s a lot of people now waking up in this world that realize they’ve been doing jobs they don’t love. The reason that they are doing them is because they were taught they can’t make money that way. Oh, you can’t make money that way with their big idea, their big invention, their big dream, their big vision. So they were talked out of what they wanted. It’s not their belief. It’s somebody else’s belief. It’s the agenda’s belief that’s been programmed into them. Now you can do this with anything. You can ask yourself a very simple question, is this my belief or somebody else’s? Is this my belief? Or is this society’s belief? And what you find out is most of them are her and ours, and these, our beliefs are everything.

People have beliefs that they aren’t good enough or smart enough to make money. I’m too old. I’m too young. I didn’t go to the right school. I don’t have the right resources. People have beliefs that they aren’t powerful enough to change a world. Oh, the top one 10th of 1% the global elites, they have all the power and we’re just w we just have to, we’re just going to be stuck doing whatever they tell us to do. Then there’s other people that believe there’s no good guys that can’t find the right women. Ask yourself is the belief that you have about your life, your belief or somebody else’s. Now the reason that we ask this is the first step to be free from an unconscious belief system that’s controlled you is to become aware of it. Subconscious quite literally means it’s below conscious meaning we’re unaware of it.

So when we flip that around and we ask ourselves like mine used to be, I thought I was too young to be successful. I thought if I dropped out of college and I went and wrote books, I couldn’t be successful at it. I had, they were rational, but they weren’t really my beliefs. They were things that were programmed into me for so long that kept me, kept me stuck inside the control mechanism of the matrix. And this is what inhibited me of living, um, at my highest potential to influence the world in a positive way, to be as successful as I wanted to be. And I realized it was all an illusion. So ask yourself one simple question. Is this my belief or is this somebody else’s? Step number two is to ask yourself a simple question, what beliefs softwares do I want to install in my mind?

Think of your mind just like a computer. How do you get computer software on it? You install it. How do you get other computer software off it? You delete it due to neuroplasticity. We know that the brain actually gets wired and programmed. The elites of the world have known this and they’ve conditioned us for a very long time that we’re insignificant than we aren’t. That powerful. And it’s been wired into our brains and passed through generations of people. So you have to recognize you have free will. Most people don’t think they do. And the reason they don’t think that they do is because they’ve been conditioned so much subconsciously that they basically become a machine. They become a robot. They’ve been calm. They become a subconscious pattern plan that plays out their entire life, but they don’t realize that they could rechange their love life, their career, the money they make, the contribution they make in the world.

If enough people do it, we could change the entire world. But most people have been so conditioned for so long to think that their subconscious patterns are ultimate destiny. But your subconscious though it controls 95% of your life. It’s susceptible to be reprogrammed. But the only way you can reprogram it is to use free will to recognize what you want to put into it instead. So think of your brain and your mind like the most powerful supercomputer in the world. How to computers get programmed, they get programmed by putting updates in software. So ask yourself a simple question. What belief systems do I want? I inserted certain belief systems into my subconscious. I inserted the belief system that I was a multimillionaire. I inserted the belief system that I was in. I was a world renowned author, speaker, online personality, inspiring millions of people and making millions of dollars that I was worthy of love and a fulfilling relationship.