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4/4/4 Portal ~ The Great Awakening Begins! ~ Spiritual Reading

4/4/4 Portal ~ The Great Awakening Begins! ~ Spiritual Reading

The Number Four

“This is the number of completion and the manifestation of Light. In the 4th verse of the first chapter of Genesis God divides the Light from the Darkness. It is a number of understanding and order, and the key which will open many of the magical doors closed to ordinary man. “Men of the highest order show themselves in thought like brilliant rays of light,” says the “Maficon.” They correspond to the number 4. It is the sacred number of Pythagoreans, and is known by them as the straight line. It was over this number that they took their most sacred oaths.

In the Sepher Yetzirah the 4th Path is the grand Crown and the Path from which flow all the powers of Spirit and the Divine essences. In the Highest Sphere 4 is the 4 letters of the name of God – Yod, Hi, Vau, Hi.

In the Sepher of Intellect 4 is the 4 Angels of the World (Michael, Rapahel, Gabriel, Uriel); the 4 Rulers of the Elements (Seraph, Cherub, Tharsis, Ariel). In the Heavenly Sphere 4 is the 4 triplicities of the signs
of the Zodiac and the stars and planets in relation to the elements. These are given as Mars and the Sun; Jupiter and Venus; Saturn and Mercury; the fixed stars and the Moon. This grouping is not always accepted. Another is Sun and Saturn; Jupiter and Venus; Mercury and Mars; Moon and the fixed Stars.

In the Elemental Sphere 4 is the 4 elements; the 4 seasons; the 4 winds; the 4 divisions of life (Animal, Plant, Metal, Stone); the 4 qualities (Heat, Moisture, Cold, Dryness).

In the Lower Sphere 4 is the 4 elements of man (Mind, Spirit, Soul, Body); the 4 powers of soul (Intellect, Reason, Phantasy, Sense); the 4 virtues (Justice, Temperance, Prudence, Fortitude); the 4 bodily elements (Spirit, Flesh, Humours, Bones); the 4 humours (Choler, Blood, Phlegm, Melancholy).

In the Infernal Sphere 4 represents the 4 infernal princes (Samael, Azazel, Azael, Mahazael).

The Occult Symbols of the number 4 are The Emperor; the Cubic Stone; the Key-bearer, the Door of the East; the 4 Cherubim in 4 Wheels; the 4 Sea Horses of Neptune’s Chariot. The Emperor is pictured seated on a throne with the orb surmounted by a cross in his left hand and a trident scepter in his right. He is in complete armor, with the signs of the Sun and Moon on his breast. He is bearded, and his expression is strong, yet kindly.

The Hebrews received the chiefest name of God written with 4 letters,” writes Francis Barrett. “Also the Egyptians, Arabians, Persians, Magicians,Mohammedans, Grecians, Tuscans, and Latins write the name of God with four letters, thus:
In English we have Lord; in French Dieu; and in German Gott.

Man receives from the world of Asiah the Nephesch or physical appetites. Man receives from the world of Jezirah the Ruach or passions. Man receives from the world of Briah the Neshamah or reason. Man receives from the world of Aziluth Chaiah or spiritual life.

According to the Quaballistical teachings all the race of man sinned in their parent Adam, for all are contained in him. Thus the children of Adam were condemned to clothe themselves in the material prisons or bodies. From these bodies were they to reach again the lost Paradise. When an earth life was passed the child of earth could proceed from Asiah to Jezirah, from Jezirah to Briah, but he could not, unless purified from earth grossness, enter the sunlit world of the angels – Aziluth – and had therefore to re-enter the earth again to begin his penance anew.. Thus the philosophy of Reincarnation is quite in harmony with Egyptian, Greek, and Indian philosophy, and the philosophy of other nations regarding it.

Four is the number of endurance and immortality, discovery and accomplishment, firmness of purpose, realization of hopes, rule, power, will. The Hebrew equivalent of the number is Daleth. The Vibrations are Solar, and it is always accounted as a fortunate number.” – Isidore Kozminsky

Numbers: Their Meaning and Magic: https://amzn.to/2Qfs9UT

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