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The 4th Density Shift (related to The Great Awakening)

The 4th Density Shift (related to The Great Awakening)

It’s an EXTREMELY Exciting time to be alive right now on the planet as we continue to Experience The 4th Density SHIFT. This video I’ll show you how to navigate through this Great Awakening in the most optimal fashion.

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We are currently moving from what is called a third density level of consciousness into a fourth density level of consciousness. This is something that was talked about in the books, the law of one, which refers to it as the harvest. The harvest is happening right now. I know this sounds a little bit very esoteric, but what I’m going to be doing is making this relatable and practical in this video and show you exactly what to do to make the transition easily into a fourth density state of consciousness so that you can be in that state of the new age we’re moving into.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness and raise their vibration by making content on spirituality, practical and relatable. I know just got a little bit longer if you’ve been watching my videos for a while, so in this video I’m going to be sharing with you what I believe is going on and again, this is my own interpretation of it. There are books that I will point you to, some of which are the five books of the law of one, which are a five channeled books from the 1980s.

I know that sounds pretty weird, but here’s the thing. Um, a lot of this stuff that’s talked about in this book, so when it is related to astronomy, other things have come to be true. Uh, it’s a physicist that is the husband that is asking questions to his wife who is in a channeled state.

And like I said, I know that sounds weird, but if you go through the, it’s not how, this is how this comes, but it’s, is the information valuable? Is the information powerful? And what I have found is through studying the law of one, it has definitely increased my own vibration, my own awareness. And it’s a very powerful, uh, way model for seeing the world and kind of what’s going on right now in the world.

Now, the other thing I’m going to be doing is merging that you might look around in the world, see that there’s a lot of fear getting bought up right now we’re in the midst of what some people call a great awakening. That’s a part of what’s happening. The vibration on the planet is beginning to raise. The consciousness is beginning to raise on the planet. And as it does, it is bringing up all of these things underneath for us to deal with right now, which when you look at what’s going on in the world, there’s a lot of fear getting brought up.

And one of the reason that fear is there so that we can be aware of it and clear it out. If you’ve ever done something like I’m Aja, I plant medicine, you purge. And what purge means is that you release negative energy. You release stored energy sometimes in the form of uh, energetically throwing up sometimes in many different ways that that can happen.

However, it’s a feeling of the subconscious or the things getting brought up so that you can then let it go. And then your vibration is raised, you feel loose, you feel free. That’s kind of what’s happening right on the, on the, on the planet is there’s a purge going on, a purge where the hidden is getting brought into the light in the years moving ahead. I believe there will be more and more of these hidden agendas by the government. The things we call conspiracies, that we have such a negative connotation around.

One of the reasons we have a negative connotation. You want to know why? Because, uh, back in the 19, was it seventies or eighties, the CIA came up with the term conspiracy theory gave it a negative connotation. Now people are afraid to believe that there could be any agenda behind the scenes. It’s all conspiracy means is a secret group plans. And I’ll tell you right now that the more you study this stuff, the more you may see those patterns you do do the research for yourself.

Don’t just believe me or anybody else just because we say it. Do the research. And one of the things that I recommend though is I look at this more as an energy transition more so than I do like the conspiracy anyways. So what is happening right now is we are moving from what is called third density in to Fort density.

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