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The Great Awakening: Why the Truth is Learned and not Taught

The Great Awakening: Why the Truth is Learned and not Taught

When it comes to The Great Awakening TRUTH can’t be told, it must be Deeply Understood. This video I’ll REVEAL what’s really going on behind the scenes and why Right Now is Such a POWERFUL time to be alive.

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Some of the information in this video is going to sound a little bit out there and it’s going to be some things that kind of show behind the scenes what might be going on. More of a larger picture around the great awakening and why the truth is learned and not taught. I’m going to share with you exactly why I think that is.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now on this video I’m going to be sharing with you more on the great awakening. We’ve had a lot of people that are loving the videos that I’ve been making on this and I think there’s a demand. People really want to understand what’s going on and people intuitively feel like there is something going on behind the scenes. There’s the frontline stuff of everything where everyone’s in their house and everyone’s made to be a certain way or I’m told to be a certain way, but then there’s just more that is felt that is going on.

Maybe you feel like the same thing. There’s something more here and so many people are starting and beginning to question their reality. There are so many people waking up right now. It is incredible and I think that that is because we are just now beginning to really know that we are in the great awakening. It’s something I’d been, I believe it’s been happening for a while, but now it’s avalanching down and the next 10, 15 years I believe of our society are going to be some of the most transformative times ever. And when I studied that of a, you know, one, I’ll study a little or I’ll show you a little bit about the whole picture of this show you why the truth is taught is not taught but learned. And I’m part of this though has to do with some of the work of Dolores cannon who was a hypnotherapist, who would put people into a very deep level of hypnosis.

Their subconscious mind would come through and what she would do is ask them questions like, why did you there? They’re like, why did you incarnate at this time? What was your purpose? Or what is your purpose in life? Uh, what was your relationship with this person connecting also the past life. So kind of esoteric stuff, but Dolores cannon has 19 books that are specifically on transcripts of people in this deep level of hypnosis from all over the world, thousands of different people. One consistent thing that was said from all over the world, from these people was that I came here to be a part of this transition, this shift, this awakening, this, um, coming into power of the people that came here to be a part of this. And it’s because this lifetime, there’s meant to be more transformation than ever before. That’s why there’s so many people here right now.

Now here’s one of the things about reality, and this is also talked about Dolores cannon also in the books, the law of one, which, uh, I have right over there. The, the books, the law of one are our material that is a, from a husband that is a physicist asking questions to his wife who is bringing through higher vibrational information. It’s a little bit esoteric. I understand that. However, the information is incredible and a, a lot of what it talks about is understanding that right now there’s something called the harvest going on. Now the harvest is a transition in consciousness. It is a transition in, uh, levels of energy. We could say it as well. Over here you’ll see a shame, fear, anger, neutrality, acceptance, reasoning, love, joy, peace, enlightenment. This is from the scale from the book, power versus force. And what happens is we’re moving our vibration up, we’re raising our vibration, and it’s going to unveil a completely new reality…

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