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What Can STOP The Great Awakening? I'm sorry…

What Can STOP The Great Awakening? I'm sorry…

Can Anything STOP The Great Awakening from Happening? It’s a time of Transformation right now on the planet, which is why you need to know about the Hidden Agendas attempting to Derail The Great Awakening.

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What has the ability to stop the great awakening from happening. You may have heard more and more people are waking up than ever before on the planet. Right now. The darkness is being turned into light. So many people are becoming aware that there are other things other agenda’s been going on behind the scenes and in this video I’m going to share with you more about the great awakening and what can actually stop it. Welcome back to another video.

My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness and raise their vibration by making spirituality practical and relatable. Now in this video I’m going to be sharing with you more about the great awakening. I have a whole series of videos that I’ve made on the great awakening recently and it’s becoming, I think that people are sharing those videos so much because they feel like there’s other things going on behind the scenes.

Many people may be at their house right now, they may be not going out, obviously because of a lot of stuff that’s going on in the world. However, they’re beginning to question reality and because people are going down different rabbit holes, they’re looking into things that may be priorly they wouldn’t have looked into because they had so many other things going on. Maybe they’re are busy with their nine to five job and now they have more time on their hands.

They’re beginning to question reality more. And what the great awakening refers to this term refers to a great awakening. More people are becoming more aware than ever before on the planet. Now the idea behind this will sound a little bit out there if you haven’t heard my other videos on the great awakening especially, but the great awakening is about us as people becoming aware that there has been a form of a specific number of people that have been controlling a lot of the energy on the planet for a very long time.

It has been, it’s happening so fluidly and so consistently that many of us aren’t even aware that it’s been happening. We just get up every day. We go to our jobs. We may have different things or experienced in our life, but the um, we just take kind of reality for the way that is. That’s, you know, a lot of the way that it’s been for a long time and what has happening right now on the planet though is these people that have priorly had the power because what they realize is that that if they can control the narrative of the media, if they can keep people in the vibration of fear and anger, then they’re much more easily able to be controlled. Plus they’re much more likely to look to authority for certainty. So that dynamic was set in place so that these people could have an attained the resources and the control.

And that’s something that’s been happening for a long time on the planet. Now what is happening is more and more people are becoming aware and they’re beginning to question reality. They’re able to see that certain things have been orchestrated, certain things have been orchestrated. A lot of times when certain things happen in our world, we think, Oh my goodness, this is just by chance and hat this thing just happened. But what they’re learning but people are starting to learn is like there’s something else going on here.

Something that’s just not adding up and the great awakening is I believe why many of us are here right now. Now if you want resources on the great awakening. The thing that I’ve been sending a lot of people to is the books, the law of one by or the raw materials, law of one which says that a, there’s five different books on it, but it talks about how this time on the planet is about us becoming a part of what is called the harvest, which means we have the ability to move from what is called a third density level of consciousness and do a fourth density level of consciousness…

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