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Revelation Song – God To Zero – Five Solas For The Great Awakening

Revelation Song – God To Zero – Five Solas For The Great Awakening

After the success of GTZ first album Blessed Immortality with almost 1 million views on Youtube the second album is called The Five Solas which is preparation for the Great Awakening throughout the earth.

The Five Solas are five essential principles that are needed to get into Heaven. The first song…Revelation Song… depicts what it will be like in heaven once we arrive there. The following narrative…Glory to God Alone… explains the trajectory and ecstatic feelings we will have in Heaven before the throne of God.

Glory to God Alone

You’re standing in the midst of Heaven. You look around and are amazed at what you see. The throne of God is in front of you and billions upon billions of people and Angel’s and living creatures are all around you. The light is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Brilliant gleaming effervescent light greater than the sun emanating from the throne. But you’re not blinded by it. You can feel the Spirit of God rumbling through the heavenly arena. The sound of people singing and shouting and praising echoes everywhere. It is like nothing that you’ve ever seen before but it is just like everything you ever read.

The only thing that explains what you see is Glory. Everything is Glorious. It is beyond what you ask or think. You see the face of Christ. You feel love from God flowing around you and through you. Your mind could never have dreamed of such a time. Yet it is all real and really happening.

Everything has culminated in the Glory of God Alone. You grasp what you see but are at a loss to explain it. Yet you’ve been seeing and feeling the glory of God your entire life. This is simply the endpoint. How else could you explain the feeling of immensity staring at the universe, God taking on human form and living with mankind, Christ death taking away our sins, the content of the gospel, faith, predestination, mortification of the flesh, living the cross, and recognizing spiritual truths from the bible.

All of this is beyond your thinking, yet it is all true. And the only word that explains the unexplainable is Glorious. All of these elements reflect the glory of God. Your whole life moved from one degree of glory to another. As you aged you could feel the increasing weight of glory in your soul. And the only word that maintained that heavenly connection is Glory. And many days hence while in Heaven we will come to realize that it is all the Glory of God and furthermore it is all the Glory of God Alone.

Praise Him

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