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The Great Awakening is Here! Eclipse Portal Opening June 5 💫

The Great Awakening is Here! Eclipse Portal Opening June 5 💫

Universal energy update for the week of June 1-7. The great #awakening is here. Humanity is waking up to #5d – Get ready for some major shifts! #Eclipse portal start June 5, 21 and July 5. Join us online for a powerful healing ceremony Friday June 5 @ 1pm PST : http://www.dashama.org/Soul-Ceremony

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We are experiencing the greatest human awakening of consciousness that has ever happened on earth. Truth is being revealed, the veils of illusion are being pulled back & the shadows of humanity being exposed. ✨🙏✨
Knowledge is power. Conscious Action = The Soul-ution. .
In this video I share about how the current position of the planets in our solar system, specially Pluto, Saturn, Neptune & 3 eclipses that are coming up, are all affecting the energy and pushing all of this darkness up to be healed. The last time #Pluto was in #Capricorn we had the American Revolution. Last time #Saturn in #Aquarius = Rodney King Riots. last time #Neptune in #Pisces = The fall of Rome✨🖤 .

This is the beginning of a massive #awakening that will take place over the next few years leading up to the transition of Pluto into Aquarius, when the planet of power enters the house of #spirituality & consciousness many positive shifts will take place. . .
Between now and then it may feel like the dark night of the soul here on earth as the old broken systems are crumbling & a new understanding is being born. In the beginning, if some of this is new for you, or those around you, it can feel confusing, painful, & even very depressing. My mother knew about this & told me about it over 30 years ago, & everyone thought she was a crazy witch, so she eventually lost her mind. 🙏💔
I want to prevent that with anyone who I can, so please join in this conversation & know you are loved & supported. It’s all going to be ok. This is all coming up for healing. Racism will end, we will eventually get to a place of #oneness #consciousness on earth, but until then there is a lot of deep #healing to be done here. .
I’m leading a soul healing ceremony online for the June 5th eclipse Friday 1pm PST, join us if you want to heal & release the past, step fully into the now with love & awareness to move forward & navigate this transition with grace & the support of a loving community who wants to see you thrive. http://www.dashama.org/Soul-Ceremony

Leave a comment if you have any questions and I’ll go live later today or answer them in my story. ✨🙏✨💫 .
Love you. Be strong. We are in this together

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