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Nick Devon & Darko Milosevic – The Great Awakening (Original Mix)

Nick Devon & Darko Milosevic – The Great Awakening (Original Mix)

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Artist: V.A.
Title: Couple Affair 06
Label: Steyoyoke
Format: Digital
Release Date: August 21th, 2020
Cover Art: Mitya Fenechkin
Cat No: SYYK116

Steyoyoke is back with this year’s edition of “Couple Affair 06”, featuring two outstanding collaboration tracks from Steyoyoke label members Nick Devon, Darko Milosevic, Monarke and Whirl. A significant release bringing the Steyoyoke family together, while displaying the harmony between the members leading the way into the Ethereal Techno scene.

“The Great Awakening” by Nick Devon & Darko Milosevic is a beautiful storm of tunes, delivering a blend of dark melodies and soft synths opening a passage to a world of ethereal sensations. Monarke & Whirl’s “Leviathan” takes you on a mysterious ride with its enigmatic & dark soundscapes, alleviating and liberating your soul on the dance floor, a fierce ride to look forward to.

“Couple Affair 06” unveils unique frequencies and resonating sounds, stimulating your senses in every way. A remarkable release, creating powerful and exceptional ethereal tunes.

01. Nick Devon & Darko Milosevic – The Great Awakening (Original Mix)
02. Monarke & Whirl – Leviathan (Original Mix)

#etherealtechno #techno #melodictechno