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Senate leaders debate impeachment inquiry

Senate leaders debate impeachment inquiry

(29 Oct 2019) Democrats have released text of a resolution that authorizes the next phase of the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he and other GOP lawmakers will review the House language to see if it passes a “smell test” of fairness to Trump.
The House is expected to vote on the resolution on Thursday, as Democrats aim to nullify complaints from Trump and his Republicans allies that the largely close impeachment process is illegitimate and unfair.
Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says the president’s attacks directed at Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman are “despicable.”
Vindman, a lieutenant colonel who served in Iraq and later as a diplomat, told House investigators behind closed doors that he listened to Trump’s July 25 call with new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and reported his concerns to the NSC’s lead counsel, according to his prepared testimony.
Trump took to Twitter Tuesday to denounce the probe as a “sham,” adding: “Why are people that I never even heard of testifying about the call. Just READ THE CALL TRANSCRIPT AND THE IMPEACHMENT HOAX IS OVER!”
Vindman, who arrived in the United States as a 3-year-old from the former Soviet Union, wrote that it was his “sacred duty” to defend the United States.
Some Trump allies, looking for ways to discredit Vindman, questioned the colonel’s loyalties because he was born in the region. But the line of attack was rejected by some Republicans.
“I’m not going to question the patriotism of any of the people who are coming forward,” said Sen. Mitch McConnell while responding to a reporter’s question about Vindman.

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