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"The Battle of the Black Lagoon" ft. X22Report 3/19/19

"The Battle of the Black Lagoon" ft. X22Report 3/19/19

Our guest in the first half of tonight’s show is Dave from the #X22Report . We’re still keeping track of the fight over Border Security, the monitoring of Federal Reserve, and going cross-eyed from the seemingly Endless Parade of Investigations… But the dam has been about to burst for months, and the rain clouds that continue to gather haven’t produced anything beyond a drizzle. So, how long before the floods come?

In the second half, we are going to take a trip back to September of 2017 to revisit the #SenateAnon drops on 4Chan, two months prior to the introduction of Q. There is no shortage of skin-crawling conspiratorial goodness in this thread. So we’ll read that and then take some calls.

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