“No Bull***t, No Weak Knees!” – The Pro-Tommy Tuberville GRIT PAC Releases Ad Slamming Jeff Sessions for Mueller Investigation (VIDEO)

Former Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville is currently in a tight race in the Alabama Republican primary for US Senate.

Tuberville is facing off against former Senator and turncoat Jeff Sessions, who gave America the Mueller investigation, and Republican Bradley Byrne, a career politician.

Jeff Sessions has no business back in Washington and back in the DC Swamp.

The pro-Tuberville GRIT PAC released a powerful ad this week titled, “Don’t let Mitt Happen to Alabama.”

Alabama currently has anti-Trump, pro-abortion Democrat Doug Jones representing the state of Alabama.
Jones voted to impeach Trump in the slap-dash Pelosi impeachment sham.

In the latest Club for Growth poll Tuberville is only five points down to Jeff Sessions.

Tuberville is the pro-Trump candidate in the race.

Disclaimer: The Gateway Pundit takes NO MONEY for promoting Tommy Tuberville.
We have seen what Jeff Sessions did to the country and he has no business back in Washington DC.