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George Whitefied

George Whitefied

George Whitefield and his Impact on American Independence

After graduating from Oxford University, George Whitefield (also spelled Whitfield) was ordained as a minister in the Anglican Church. Immediately, he dove into his chosen profession and preached his first sermon. It was obvious that young George had a special gift, and this unassuming young man from a small town in England was about to leap onto the world stage.

Over the next several decades, George Whitefield travelled to America seven times, making a total of thirteen transatlantic voyages. George had a knack for connecting with almost any audience, and he was tenacious in his pursuit of evangelism. He sometimes preached open-air sermons in front of churches that refused to admit him. It was often reported that burly men would weep like babies, ladies would swoon in religious ecstasy, and sometimes people would even convulse on the ground.

The “First Great Awakening” was the period when Christian movements were highly active in the American colonies. George Whitefield helped light a fire that became a revival. This new personal expression of faith was a powerful change and it further distanced many of the American people from the Anglican Church, the official state church of England. With faith becoming separated from government in the minds of a large number of Americans, the seeds of independence were sewn from American church pulpits for the next thirty to forty years.

George Whitefield spent most of his adult life in America and preached over 18,000 formal sermons. In the process of faithfully sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Americans, Whitefield became a beloved figure. He was buried at the Old South First Presbyterian Church, in beautiful Newburyport, Massachusetts, where he had ministered to so many.

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