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Yummy and Pizzagate EXPLAINED – The deep meaning behind Justin Bieber's "Yummy"…?

Yummy and Pizzagate EXPLAINED – The deep meaning behind Justin Bieber's "Yummy"…?

Please remember this is a THEORY. I understand that topics brought up in this video are sensitive and can be offensive, so please be aware. Although a lot of videos have been made in spanish on the theory, I wanted to share the perspective in English. I am not here to change anyones views on anything, I’m just here to share a perspective and whether you believe in either theory or not, I will still respect all opinions and perspectives. Yes this entire video is made ‘supporting’ the theory, but you have to remember I only share ONE side! ‘Confirmation bias’ is practically how so many opposing beliefs, arguments, wars and theories start – when you already view something in a certain way, everything that confirms your belief you use as ‘evidence’ for what you believe. It’s always important to look at both sides in any case & the pros and con before taking a side, in anything. 🙂

Why is he posting babies with #yummy on instagram? Why are there so many comments saying #pizzagate? Straightforward, no bullsh*t, English explanation of Pizzagate and analysis of Justin Bieber’s ‘Yummy’ conspiracy theory.

Analysis information from this video dominantly came from a comment in the Yummy music video (I was going to credit it in my video but it cannot be found now, the original analysis may have derived from reddit) + the rest from my personal analysis. Please note for point 9, I may have referenced the wrong dress. Read my 2nd comment below for the full analysis on this one.

Kaamil’s breakdown of Pizzagate! This helped me with some of the info for my video:

wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizzagate_conspiracy_theory

podesta emails: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/

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