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Praying Medic | Learning To Hear God's Voice

Praying Medic | Learning To Hear God's Voice

The Praying Medic aka Dave Hayes joins TruthSeekah on the podcast to speak about spirituality and learning to hear God’s voice. Learning to hear the voice of God is an ever-growing experience. Now, God speaks in many different ways and learning to discern His voice can become a challenge in a world where so many other voices are trying to get our attention. Jesus said that my sheep hear my voice and a strangers voice they will not follow. Throughout the scriptures God spoke prophetically to the prophets, disciples and Jesus. Because they were all able to hear the voice of God for themselves they were able to make an impact in the world and follow God’s path to their destiny. In some cases God speaks audibly and others He speaks in a still small voice, but the deeper you look into a situation you will always be able to see God in everything. Engaging with God through prayer and meditation are ways that we can also practice hearing His voice, most growing in the prophetic comes out of simple intimacy with God in the secret place. Its spending time with Him in prayer and in the word so that we learn His character and then when we know His character we in turn know His heart. During the episode The Praying Medic shares some of his personal experiences in learning to hear God speak prophetically as well. Many Christians have given their spirituality over to the new age and in turn have forfeited their inheritance. I believe that the more we speak about the deep mysteries of God we are restoring sons and daughters to their rightful positions in the body of Christ. The ministry of The Praying Medic has has shown us how God is still speaking, and we can grow to learn how to hear His voice for ourselves.

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