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SerialBrain2: Epstein secured. Scaramucci and Maher nervous. Let’s watch the $nakes at the zoo.

SerialBrain2: Epstein secured. Scaramucci and Maher nervous. Let’s watch the $nakes at the zoo.

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SerialBrain2: https://bit.ly/2Z7vzum
Harvard creates advisory panel to oversee solar geoengineering project: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-02331-y
Zerohedge: Harvard Scientists, Funded By Bill Gates, To Begin Spraying Particles Into The Sky To Dim The Sun:
Tucker Carlson interview: https://bit.ly/2H4MCac
SkyBridge Out $1.6 Billion at Fiscal Year End:https://bit.ly/2OTcUTd
Anthony Scaramucci on His Road to Success: https://bit.ly/2Z9I09b

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