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WHAT? Is Praying Medic Under Federal Investigation? (Anthony Comello, Christchurch)

WHAT? Is Praying Medic Under Federal Investigation? (Anthony Comello, Christchurch)

#QAnon #PrayingMedic #NewZealandShooting
Following two incidents involving QAnon and 8Chan, namely, the New Zealand mosque tragedy and the murderer of a mafia crime boss showing off a Q symbol on his hand, Praying Medic suddenly suspended his own Twitter account and announced he was leaving “the area.”

Adam Gingrich, a Republican operative, reports that these events could well have been triggered by a federal investigation into Praying Medic and perhaps an IRS investigation into a possible misuse of his nonprofit organization.

Note that after this video was produced, Praying Medic appears to have reactivated his Twitter account, likely due to reports that he was trying to hide from federal investigators..

Adam Gingrich original video

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