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IMF: “U.S. Removing Tariffs on China Will Improve Global Economy”…

IMF: “U.S. Removing Tariffs on China Will Improve Global Economy”…

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has a statement out today that underlines why so many global forces are against President Trump: “there are trillions at stake”.

(Reuters) – An interim U.S.-China trade deal that rolls back some tariffs has the potential to improve the International Monetary Fund’s baseline economic forecasts, which show the two countries’ trade war slowing global growth significantly this year, an IMF spokesman said on Thursday. (read more)

The baseline for the position of the IMF is the open secret amid global economic that few will ever discuss openly.  The U.S. economy generates approximately $21 trillion in total activity; roughly 20 percent of total global economic activity.

When the U.S. maintains a $500 billion per year trade deficit with China, essentially we are sending China trade dollars Beijing then uses to purchase industrial products from the EU an other nations.  Any reduction in the U.S-China deficit means China has less dollars to distribute; as an outcome the global economies have access to less U.S. wealth.

The process to retain U.S. dollars inside our own economy, President Trump’s “America First” economic agenda, is the heart of what most call the global economic slowdown.  As a result the position of the IMF is better when the U.S. maintains a deficit, and the position of the IMF is weakened by any process that stops that exfiltration of wealth.

This is why so many countries are pouring money into Washington DC, and into any political activity within the United States, with the intention to derail President Trump’s policy.   By using U.S. proxies, essentially lobbyists, the multinationals are trying to stop President Trump.  There are trillions at stake.

An example would be China -and others- funding the Brookings institute.  The Brookings Institute then funds the activity of the Lawfare group.  Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler hiring Lawfare members as contractors for their impeachment effort then boils down to China subsidizing the impeachment process.  This is one example; however, there are many more.

Stopping or stalling ratification of the USMCA is another example.  The USMCA supports more U.S. wealth and weakens U.S. investment in China. It’s all connected.

Simultaneously, from coast to coast those same multinational interests are funneling massive amounts of cash into any election that is part of the domestic “resistance”.

The U.S. Wall Street multinationals, globalists and multinational banks all hold a vested financial interest in stopping President Trump.   The alignment of these interests is what gives rise to candidates like Michael Bloomberg.  It is all connected.

Hundreds of millions from multinational corporations are pouring into the coffers of K-Street lobbyists who are in turn purchasing politicians to maintain the adverse position against President Trump.  [Lobbyist Spending Here]

Once you see the strings on the marionettes you can never go back to the time when you did not see them….

So far, in 2019 (three quarters): SOURCE LINK

U.S. Chamber of Commerce = U.S. Multinationals on Wall Street.  Tom Donohue.

Open Society Policy Center = George Soros.

Amazon = Jeff Bezos, Washington Post, CIA.

Business Roundtable = U.S. Multinationals on Wall Street.

Northrop Grumman = Syria war policy influence.

Boeing Co = Where did DOJ-NSD FISA Lawyer, Tash Guahar, go to work? 

…”there are trillions at stake”… “it’s all connected”…


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