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Report: Clinton’Esque Former Sheriff To Replace Broward Coward?

Report: Clinton’Esque Former Sheriff To Replace Broward Coward?

Report: Clinton’Esque Former Sheriff To Replace Broward Coward?

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel with Hillary Clinton

The Gateway Pundit was among the first news organizations in the country to question the handling of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida by Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. Now it appears Israel’s time in that office will be drawing to a close.

From the instant it was learned that the Parkland School Resource Officer assigned to Parkland by the Broward County Sheriff’s office (Scott Peterson) stood down and refused to enter the building while shooter Nikolas Cruz was still unloading clips into his classmates, Sheriff Scott Israel has insisted that the BSO officers who arrived on the scene did not delay their entry into the building.

New forensic evidence, animations by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and court proceedings have now proven that in addition to Peterson, six officers hid behind cars and delayed entry into the school for 11 precious minutes. The suffering from inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas could be heard as they stood by and did nothing. By the time BSO officers accompanied by the Coral Springs Police Department entered the building, Cruz had already left the premises. If the new report is correct, it means that the Broward County Sheriff’s command staff members who testified for the FDLE inquiry flat-out lied.

Governor-elect Ron DeSantis vowed to fire Sheriff Israel during the campaign when he appeared with Andrew Pollack, father of slain student Meadow Pollack. 77 Florida House Republicans co-signed a letter calling on Governor Rick Scott to fire Israel, but he instead appointed the investigative commission in order to avoid controversy going into the US Senate election.

DeSantis recently reaffirmed his plans to can Israel in an interview with the Palm Beach Post, citing it as one of his top priorities once assuming power in early January.

Former Senator and Charlie Crist Chief of Staff George LeMieux is reportedly pushing DeSantis to appoint former Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti to the post. Voters rejected Mr. Lamberti in his failed 2012 re-election bid, where they instead sided with Republican-turned-Democrat Scott Israel. After Lamberti’s departure, it was learned that he ordered the destruction of two BSO computer hardrives, which contained records regarding his relationship with ponzi-scammer and flamboyant Fort Lauderdale lawyer Scott Rothstein. Much like Hillary Clinton, Lamberti was not prosecuted. While Hillary’s aides used bleach, Lamberti ordered a BSO deputy to use a hammer to destroy the evidence.

Lamberti’s top aide David Benjamin and two deputies went to prison for allowing Rothstein to use to the BSO as his personal Gestapo. In one case, BSO deputies pulled over a woman who was involved in an acrimonious divorce with a Rothstein crony. The deputies planted drugs in the woman’s car as a ruse to detain and strip-search her. She was told to sign the divorce papers or the harassment would continue.

Rothstein paid BSO hundreds of thousands of dollars of his ponzi cash for “personal security services,” where he essentially hired an army of off-duty BSO officers to carry out acts of intimidation with gushing sycophancy.

While the voters will be well served by the termination of Scott Israel the appointment of his predecessor, Al Lamberti would move the agency backwards instead of forging ahead.

Published at Tue, 18 Dec 2018 03:59:46 +0000